There are two options for importing your Coinbase trade history. You can upload your history via CSV files or import via read-only access API. The CSV process is laid out below.

Note - Coinbase and Coinbase Pro / GDAX are treated as two separate exchanges. If you used both, you need to import your history from each exchange. Here is the guide for importing Coinbase Pro.

*Very important to follow instructions exactly as seen to avoid errors*

Step 1:
Login To Your Coinbase Account

Step 2:
Click on your profile icon and select 'Tools'

Step 3:
Select the 'Reports' tab from the tools menu bar.

ATTENTION - DO NOT attempt to use the Coinbase 'Tax Transactions Report' - we need the Buys, sells, and merchant payouts report.

Step 4:
Click on "New Report" and use the following report settings for EACH coin's history

  • Type: *Buys, sells, and merchant payouts*
  • Account: The Coin you are wanting to export
  • Time Range: ALL HISTORY
  • Email to: Your normal email address

For example: if you transacted in BTC, ETH, LTC, or USDC, you will need to generate separate reports, one for each coin.

*Note - when selecting time range as ALL HISTORY, Coinbase might reset your report type. Please make sure Buys, sells, and merchant payouts is still selected.*

Step 5:
Click on "Create Report" then download your report. If you are having issues downloading, right click the download link then click save.

Step 6:
Create this report for each coin you have traded in

If you are unable to download the CSV file by clicking the button from their email, follow these steps:

  1. Right click the download button
  2. Copy link
  3. Open a new tab in chrome
  4. Paste the link
  5. Hit the enter key

Step 6:
Navigate to the Coinbase tab on CryptoTrader.Tax and drag the file you just downloaded into the blue box.

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