Outgoing transactions are necessary to account for any crypto that you disposed of or otherwise got rid of. Transfers between wallets should not be entered as outgoing transactions (as you are not disposing of this crypto, you are just moving it around).

Examples of outgoing transactions would include payments made to merchants or gifts given to other individuals.

(Use Google Sheets to fill out this template for best results. Excel often formats timestamps incorrectly)

Step 1:

Make a copy of the Outgoing Transactions CSV Template

Step 2:

Fill out the template with your outgoing transaction data (All columns are required).

  • Coin: They ticker symbol of the coin

  • Amount: The amount of the coin sent in the transaction

  • Type: The type of outgoing transaction. Can be either: Payment, Gift, Network Fee, Interest Payment

  • Timestamp: The UTC timestamp of your transaction (VERY IMPORTANT to ensure your dates are in UTC)
    - Make sure to convert the local time to UTC.
    - This should be in the format of: mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss

Step 3:

Save the file as a CSV and upload your completed file into the Outgoing Transactions section.

Step 4:

You can also enter your Outgoing Transactions directly into the site. Click Add Transaction and then make sure to hit the Save icon.

*If you do not have any outgoing crypto transactions, please skip this step.

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