CryptoTrader.Tax offers 2 different options / templates for importing trades from exchanges or crypto platforms that are not currently supported.

  1. Simple Format - Other Exchange Template

  2. Detailed Format - Other Exchange Template

The "Simple Format", as discussed below, is best for entering simple trades where the fees are already built into the trade. In other words, trading fees have already been applied.

For exchanges that export trade history files with detailed fee information, it may be more useful to use the Detailed Format Other Exchange Template.

Video Demo - Manual Exchange Template (Simple Format)

Simple Format - Other Exchange Guide:

Follow these steps to get your trades imported.

*Please use Google Sheets to fill out this template. Excel will often format timestamps incorrectly which leads to errors*

Step 1: 

Make a copy of the Other Exchange Trade Import Template

Step 2: 

Fill out this template with each trade you would like to import (all columns are required and case sensitive)

  • Timestamp (UTC) - The UTC timestamp of your trade (VERY IMPORTANT to ensure your dates are in UTC!!)
    - Make sure to convert your exchange's local time to UTC.
    - This should be in the format of: mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss

  • Exchange - The exchange name of your trade

  • Asset Traded - The symbol of the coin/currency "traded away"

  • Amount Traded - The amount of currency that was traded away (including fees)

  • Asset Received - The symbol of the coin/currency "received" for this trade. 

  • Amount Received - The amount of currency that was received (including fees)

Step 3:

Save this template as a CSV file:

Step 4:

Navigate to the Other Exchange tab on CryptoTrader.Tax and drag the file you just downloaded into the blue box.

Note - If your formatted spreadsheet is failing to import, please take a look at this troubleshooting help guide.

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