Step 1:
Login To Your KuCoin Account

Step 2:
Navigate to the Trade History Tab

Step 3:
Enter your desired export date range into the Time input and leave the other fields set to All to download your complete trading history. Click on the "Export to CSV" link and wait for KuCoin to generate your report.

KuCoin only lets you export in a max of 1 month increments. This means you need to download a CSV for every month of trading. 

As of 2/27/19, KuCoin only allows you to export up to 3 reports every 24 hours. We understand that this is frustrating and are working on a solution.

Step 4:
Open up the .zip file that KuCoin generates and save the .csv file to your computer.

Step 5:
Navigate to the KuCoin tab on CryptoTrader.Tax and drag the csv file into the blue upload box.

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