Downloading From CTT

You can upload your trading information that CryptoTrader.Tax creates into the desktop version of TurboTax so that you can complete your entire tax return.

  • Simply export the "Tax Exchange File" under the "Downloads" drop-down.

Uploading Into TurboTax Desktop

  • Go to "File" > "Import" > "From Accounting Software".


  • Select "Other Financial Software (TXF file)", then click "Continue".


  • Select "Browse Files" and browse to the file you downloaded from CryptoTrader.Tax.
  • Then click "Import Now".


  • The file will appear as a 1099.  Click "Import Now".


  • The 'Import Summary' will show the file you uploaded. Select "Done". You can then continue through TurboTax for the rest of your tax return.

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