CryptoTrader.Tax fully supports Australia for crypto tax purposes. For detailed information on how cryptocurrency is taxed in Australia, please read the complete guide on our blog:

The Complete Guide to Australian Cryptocurrency Taxes

To get started, select the Australian Dollar and Australian Tax Year in Your User Settings. You can then navigate through the rest of the app and build out your capital gains and losses reports.

Adding Forked Coins for Australia:

If you received any cryptocurrency from a fork event, you should add this as a manual trade within step 2 of CryptoTrader.Tax.

Because Australia treats received crypto from a fork with a AU$ 0 cost basis, you should add a trade for the amount of crypto you received in the fork.

For example, if you received 1.25 Bitcoin cash from a hard fork, you would add a trade where you receive 1.25 Bitcoin cash, and trade AU$ 0 for it. Fill out the generic exchange spreadsheet like the example below:

Then import this into step 2 under Generic/ Manual Exchange.

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