What does a finalized report mean?

CryptoTrader.Tax automatically locks your reports for past tax seasons to help prevent duplicate data from being imported. Duplicate data getting imported would change your calculated gains and losses from previous years.

If you see a message like this, it means that the file you are trying to import contains trades from a previous year.

How do I continue with my new report?

To continue with your report and only import your new trades, simply toggle on the "Only Import 2019 Trades" switch when uploading on step #2. This will filter out any trades from previous years that are present in the CSV file you are importing and only import 2019 transactions (without you having to manually edit the CSV file).

Again, the point of this is to prevent duplicate trades from being imported.

What do I do if I want to import trades from a previous year?

You can manually unlock a report from a previous year. This will allow data to be imported for that year once again. 

To unlock your previous years report, navigate to the report dashboard (found on Step #5) and click on the padlock icon right next to the tax year:


Keep in mind that unlocking a report and importing new data will change your net gain/loss calculated for past years!

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