Crypto received from Coinbase Earn is not automatically imported into CryptoTrader.Tax when connecting via API or importing CSV 

"Coinbase Earn" has become a popular feature that allows Coinbase users to "earn" cryptocurrency by learning about various cryptocurrency projects.

This earned crypto is a form of income that needs to be accounted for to avoid missing data and Negative Balance Warnings within your CryptoTrader.Tax account.

Unfortunately, the Coinbase API does not currently expose this data which makes it impossible for the CryptoTrader.Tax system to automatically pull in your crypto received from Coinbase Earn (feel free to join our team in requesting this feature from Coinbase).

You can view all the crypto you earned from Coinbase Earn within the Transaction History for Taxes report from Coinbase.

Add all crypto received from Coinbase Earn program in Step 3 of CryptoTrader.Tax as an Incoming Transaction so that the system properly accounts for it. When entering the category in Type you can select Airdrop or Income.

Add the Coin symbol, amount earned, and date and time you received the crypto, and click the Save icon.

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