Last updated: 1/25/21

As of March 2020, the Bitrue team made a breaking change to their CSV transaction history file that they export to users.

This change has made it impossible for users of Bitrue and tax software companies to import the data generated on their CSV transaction history file.

Numerous requests have been sent in to the Bitrue team to revert these changes and update the file for readability. All requests have gone ignored.

What you can do:

1. Reach out to the Bitrue support team on Twitter @BitrueOfficial and via email [email protected] with this message:


I am trying to get my cryptocurrency tax reporting done for the year. The transaction history file that I received from Bitrue is completely unreadable, and it is not in a format that can be imported into my cryptocurrency tax software provider, CryptoTrader.Tax.

Could you please update your CSV transaction history file?

Thank you,


2. Click to tweet this message to the Bitrue team

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