Spreadsheet data can be finicky.

If you are importing data into CryptoTrader.Tax through a manual CSV file that you filled out, it's important to make sure all of your formatting, specifically your Timestamp formatting is correct.

Here are steps you can take to ensure you have the proper formatting within your spreadsheet.

This short 4 minute video walks through the entire steps outlined below:

1. Make a copy of the CryptoTrader.Tax pre-formatted CSV template (found within the app/help guides)

2. Copy all of the data from your manual spreadsheet you made

3. Paste in the data from the spreadsheet you made to the new CryptoTrader.Tax pre-formatted spreadsheet that you made a copy of without bringing over the formatting from the file you made.

(You do this by using the key strokes ["Command" + "Shift" + "v"] or ["Control" + "Shift" + v"] on a PC)

4. Download the Google sheets file as a CSV

5. Import it into CryptoTrader.Tax

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