Step 1:

Log in to your Paxful account.

Step 2:

Click the arrow near your profile picture, and then click "Trade History".

Step 3:

On the Trade History page, click the "Export Trades" button.

Step 4:

After you click that, a side panel will open on the right. Click the "Select Date Range" box, and then select "Whole history" at the bottom of the calendar window. This will ensure all of your Paxful trading history gets exported.

Step 5:

Keep the report format as a CSV, and click the "Export" button on your bottom right. The side panel will now disappear, and you can find your export by expanding the "Export History" panel.

Step 6:

Click the Download button next to your export, the file will then be downloaded onto your computer.

Step 7:

You will receive a file in .csv format. Navigate to the Paxful tab on CryptoTrader.Tax and drag your csv file into the blue box to import your transactions.

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