Here at CryptoTrader.Tax we strive to make importing your data as easy as possible. However, there are some limitations with Binance API that prevent certain transaction types from being imported at this time. We recommend that all Binance users review this list to see if your account has been affected.

Transaction Types Not Imported Through Binance API

  1. Crypto buys with fiat from debit, credit, or ACH deposits are not available through API. To import fiat purchases follow the steps in this guide.

  2. Trades executed using the Convert feature are not returned with API and Binance does not allow you to export these in a file. If you used the Convert feature you will need to review the Convert transactions listed under the Buy Crypto History page, and then enter the data manually into the Other Exchange template.

  3. Some reward transactions do not get pulled in with API. This includes airdrops, liquidity rewards, and bonuses. Review your distribution history to see if you received any of these reward distributions on Binance. If you see any transactions that have not been imported via API, you can add them manually in Step 2 of CryptoTrader.Tax.

  4. Referral commissions are not imported with API. Review your referral page on the Binance website. If you have transactions listed under Commission History and Commission Fees Shared With You, then you will need to enter the data manually in Step 2 of CryptoTrader.Tax

  5. Margin trades and Binance Futures trades not currently supported on our platform. We will be adding these features later in 2021. If you would like to be updated when these are available please send a message to our Customer Success team and we will add you to our email list.

If you have any more questions or concerns about your Binance import, please do not hesitate to reach out our Customer Success team.

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