Important to follow instructions exactly as seen to avoid errors

Step 1:
Login To Your Binance Account

Step 2:
Hover your mouse over "Orders" and select Trade History from the dropdown

Step 3:
Select "Export Complete Trade History"

Important: Make sure that the file you download is named TradeHistory.xlsx

Step 4:
Select the custom range option and choose your date range. *Note Binance has a maximum range per report of 3 months*

Step 5:
Using 3 month intervals, create as many reports as necessary to capture all of your transactions. We need trades from all of your years of trading.  

Don't worry if trading dates overlap.  We detect this within the application.

*(If you have used automated trading software and have very large amounts of trades, you may need to use 1 month intervals so CryptoTrader.Tax can parse all trades in memory)

DO NOT open the files in Excel and "save as" a new file.  It's important to upload the raw file that Binance exports straight from your "Downloads" folder.  Doing so avoids rounding errors.

Step 6:
Upload each file individually into the Binance portlet of the "Import Trades" section (selecting the "Import Trades" button after each file)

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